Friday, May 18, 2012

Stuart Falls

A few weekends ago the hubs and I had a day off and so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and hiked up to Stuart Falls. Super fun. Super easy hike. Super good-lookin guy to go with. We were a bit worried because the first part was just covered with snow. We actually almost turned around to go home when two girls came down and told us the rest of it was pretty snow-less. Score. 

Cool slanted trees

Monkey man!

So the guy who took this picture below for us was some sort of photographer and he had this wicked sweet camera. So I figured we would get a solid picture from him. We ended up with this very artistic picture. It's actually pretty cool, I just didn't really expect the angle haha. 

Yes, I also ended up climbing that as well. I was pretty proud of myself. 

Thank you self timer!

Daniel decided to get under the waterfall. He is one brave dude. It's a runoff from the snow so you can bet it was pretty dang cold. He booked it back to where I was so he could get in the sun again ;)

This was such a fun hike. We actually had quite the adventure- we decided hiking that far up the waterfall  just wasn't enough for us, so we attempted to run to the actual top of the waterfall. This proved to be incredibly difficult and we pretty much ended up scaling the side of a mountain. Looking back, we realized it probably wasn't the smartest idea we've ever had. It was a little terrifying. A few times I'd look down and realize if I lost my footing and fell, I would most likely die. But it was really fun, next time I would just like to be attached to a rope ;)

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