Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kesler Family BBQ!

A few weeks ago Daniel and I had a little BBQ up the Provo Canyon with Chris, Janice, and Ethan. It was kind of our last big hurrah before they moved up to N. Ogden. So fun! The weather was perfect and we loved snacking on our polish dogs.

The boys using their boyscout skills 

Me getting some quality time with my favorite chubster!

Cooking the weenies!

Ethan was most excited for this cookout

This guy is absolutely irresistible! 

Ethan is going to miss Uncle Dano!!!

Obviously we had a splendid time. Looking through these pictures really makes me miss this cute family so much! We're still so lucky they live pretty close. We REALLY wish Dan's sister, Denise, and her family lived closer to us so we could get even MORE niece/nephew time! One day ;)


  1. LOVE reading your blog and keeping caught up with you. BUT I'm guessing that I'll get to see you this weekend since your family is coming!

  2. YES!!! And I've been meaning to call you to make some master plans about something...I'm trying to convince the parentals to move out here earlier than in 5 years. We've got to work on that this weekend ;)