Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

This year, I was COMPLETELY SPOILED for my birthday. The hubs is pretty dang good at making me feel like a million bucks. Let's just run through my birthday week (yes everyone, you heard right. WEEK). Monday: Daniel picked me up at the airport from my girl's weekend, and surprised me with an early birthday gift at home. Pretty good way to start off my welcome home. Daniel has EMT classes at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Thursday was my actual birthday, so Wednesday was where all the big celebrations took place. The Hubs picked me up from work and when we got home, he gave me the keys to the apartment and sent me inside alone. I open the door to find this

These are starbust FAVORITE! They led to the bedroom where I found this waiting for me...

Pretty cute, huh? So as you can see, along with these presents from my parentals (not including a super gorgeous dress they sent me), there was a video waiting for me from the Hubs. He's such a goof!

This video just kills me. Dan is so stinkin funny. Anyway, I got in the car and found my first clue! It read: 

So you should go where you first met know, where you thought I was "awkward." *He denies it but he totally was awkward ;) Just knock on the door.

I drove to my old apartment in the ward where I met Daniel and knocked on the door where my friend, Janine opened the door and handed my a lovely gerber daisy with another clue! This one read:

Good Job! Now think about after I gave you paper flowers, I took you somewhere. It helped you feel less nervous about meeting my parents. Don't knock this time. 

When Dan and I were dating, he made a different kind of scavenger hunt that ended with me finding this bouquet of roses made out of origami paper he had folded. It was so stinkin cute. I'll stick in a picture just for old times sake ;)

After the date, we went to Daniel's Brother and Sister-in-Law's place. We were going up to Ogden that weekend to meet his parents (hadn't even said 'I love you' to each other at that point) and the Hubs wanted to take me to meet Chris and Janice before going to Ogden just to lower my nervousness. So anyway, I headed over to their apartment and found another flower with a note wedged into their door handle. 

This one said:

You're doing great! Now go and look where we both sat down and talked about getting married. Hopefully nobody grabbed it for themselves! It's on the right side walking towards it.

Daniel and I had talked about getting married a few times before we really made a final decision on when to get married. When that discussion happened, we were sitting in front of the Provo Temple, so that's where I headed!

See that flower and clue on the bench! The Hubs had tied it to the bench with a note saying Please do not take this! on it. Gotta love that guy. This was the last clue and it read:

The first stop on our first date. I hope you saved some room for food!

Our first date was at Olive Garden (one of my faves!) and then a French movie on campus. So off to Olive Garden I went! I arrived to find not only the Hubs waiting for me, but Chris, Janice, and Ethan as well! It was so great to sit and enjoy some dang good food with the people I love! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of all of us together.

Think it's all over? Wrong! The next day, my actual birthday, the Hubs convinced me to skip work and go with him to the new City Creek Shopping Center up in Salt Lake City to spend some birthday money his parents gave me. What more could a girl ask for on her birthday! A husband who is willingly giving up his day to shop with her?! Yeah, I know, I'm one lucky lady. So we shopped a little and then had lunch at Tucano's (thank you buy one get one free birthday deal!).


So then we shopped some more. And then some. It was awesome. Dan was such a trooper. He even opted out of going to his EMT class that night so we could spend more time in SLC. And THEN we topped it all off with going to see 'The Lorax.' Pretty good. Neither Daniel nor I knew it was a musical, so that was QUITE the surprise to him ;) (he HATES musicals). All in all, it was a cute, save the earth type of movie. 

I think it's safe to say this is the best birthday I've ever had. Everything is better with a cute/sweet/nearly perfect husband ;)


  1. Fun birthday! Cute blog, too!! I'll have to "follow" you :)

  2. you two are ridiculously adorable. hurray for newlywed life and awesome birthdays!!