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Honeymoon in Paris Days 7-9!

I need to take some time to wallow a bit. I have NO pictures from these last two days of our honeymoon. I can't really complain too much, because really, it's all my fault. At the end of our 7th day (which I'll talk about in a bit), Daniel and I took the metro to go get some crepes by the eiffel tower. While waiting for our metro to arrive, I must have set my camera down on the bench. When the metro finally got there it stopped way before where we were waiting so we had to run down to catch it before it departed the station. In the hurry of things, I must have left my camera on the bench. My beautiful, wonderful, camera which had served me well documenting my life for the past few years was GONE. For anyone who knows me well, this was truly a traumatic moment to be endured. The poor hubs, so unsuspecting of what was about to happen, was so sweet and understanding as I kicked myself over and over for making such a detrimental mistake. Then, then came the waterworks. I cried...and cried...and then cried some more. As I look back on it now, I'm sure Daniel was wondering what exactly he had gotten himself into marrying me ;) I'm one lucky girl to have such a great hubs to put up with me.

On to the more exciting things now (*side note- I'm still including pictures in this post of the places we went taken from the internet. I just don't think I could talk about all the things we did without SOME sort of visual aid. Just insert my and Daniel's faces in them haha!)...

Day Seven:  I woke up to croissants and chocolate pastries the hubs had bought for breakfast. Did I mention how lucky I am? Seriously though, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat another croissant/pastry that will ever top the ones found in Paris. TO. DIE. FOR. Once we had gotten ready, the hubs and I took a train to Versailles. Funny story with this ride. There was this old woman on the train with her son trying to make it to Versailles. She asked Daniel if she and her son were on the right train, and the Hubs confirmed. All is good, right? Apparently not; the woman's son was convinced they were on the wrong train and they spent the rest of the ride giving the hubs dirty looks. Turns out, we all WERE on the right train! Imagine that! 

When we got to Versailles, we were quickly aware that it was absolutely FREEZING. The hubs got in the line to buy tickets while I waited in the line to enter the palace. We ended up waiting in that line for at least an hour and a half before we got to go inside. The inside of the palace was absolutely gorgeous; each room was beyond ornate and filled with tons of gold. Another thing we loved about the palace were the many murals on the walls and ceilings. King Luis was pretty dang rich, that's for sure. Anyhow, as beautiful as each room was, there were just SO MANY ROOMS that eventually they all started looking like the previous ones. The hubs and I decided that as beautiful as the palace was, it was a bit too ornate for us, so we'll have to keep on looking ;) 

I was not kidding when I said there was gold EVERYWHERE!

The Hall of Mirrors- so beautiful!

I think this much gold in my bedroom would burn my eyes...

These beauties were everywhere

Once we made it through the palace, we went out to the famous gardens. The only problem was, it was SO foggy outside that we couldn't see a thing. That was a bummer because we've heard those gardens are absolutely gorgeous, especially in the spring.

Now squint your eyes and turn off the lights while looking at this picture and that's just about what we saw ;)

We thought about walking down to Marie Antoinette's quarters, but again, it was so stinking cold that we just couldn't do it. So we left to find some food because we were totally starved. We hit up this cute little place really quickly before hopping back on the train to head back to Paris. Let me just take a minute to mention how much of THIS beautiful drink we had while in Paris...

We may or may not have went through withdrawals when we came back and went off soda. It still hurts every now and then ;)

We stopped off at the hotel for a while to relax and clean up from our long trek. Eventually we decided we were hungry again, but not enough for dinner. This is when we made the fateful decision to run out for crepes and lost my camera. I think it goes without saying that after that our night was over.

Day Eight: I once again woke up to some seriously amazing pastries for breakfast; Daniel had gotten up early and bought chocolate croissants and chocolate ├ęclairs for breakfast (yes, I was indeed terrified I wouldn't be able to fit in my wedding dress for the Ogden reception after these amazing meals). Once we ate breakfast and got ready, the hubs and I set off for our last few adventures in Paris!

On our way out, we walked through the local flea market right by our hotel. French flea markets are SO MUCH COOLER than American flea markets! Daniel bought me this beautiful scarf and we enjoyed looking at all the other fun things on display before hitting the metro.

Next came the Louvre. Oh the Louvre! The hubs was excited to see the impressionism paintings and I was just excited to go in general. However (there's always a 'however,' huh?), it was pretty cold again, and raining, AND there was quite the line. We finally got the end of the line when a worker came and put a sign in front of us that read, '2 hour wait from here.' Heck no. HECK NO. Louvre or no Louvre, we just couldn't do it. I know, no patience or endurance whatsoever. We'll work on that. We quickly decided we didn't want to see a bunch of art THAT badly. So we headed off to our next adventure. 

Turns out the Lourve is HUGE! 

Off to find the Pantheon! This turned out to be QUITE the fiasco. We took the metro to the general area we wanted to be in and then walked around for forever hopped on the bus. We ended up taking the wrong bus which lead us in the completely wrong direction. So we hopped back on the metro back to the stop where we had first gotten off at. Attempt #2 led us through this random zoo where we got to look at French kangaroos (okay, maybe they weren't exactly French) before going on our way. We eventually came across this little creperie with the MOST AMAZING crepes we'd had all week. They had sugar crepes, nutella crepes, sandwich crepes, you name it! AND their prices were at least a few euros cheaper than anywhere else AND their coca cola was cheap, too. Jackpot! We were just crushed we hadn't found this place on day one! Anyway, after that gem of a find, we finally found the Pantheon! Let me tell you, I had doubted, but this place was totally worth the wait. I know I say this about every building we went to, but this place was absolutely to die for gorgeous! Oh man. Every three or so minutes I'd say, "Oh if only I had my camera!" Once again, poor Daniel. I should have provided him with earplugs so as to ignore my whining. Hopefully these internet pictures will heal the wounds of my heart ;)

Those huge balls weren't there when we went, but how beautiful is that architecture?1

This pendulum was right in the middle of the building and had some great significance I can't remember ;)

Gorgeous, right? So after we were done with that, we stopped in to a little local cathedral and looked around for a bit. All I really remember about this place is that the staircases were super spiraly and awesome, and that there was this crazy guy inside shouting his head off. Fun. After that we stopped back by our little creperie, where we were slightly embarrassed to order more crepes and coke, but not enough to not go in again. Oh how I long for that place! SO GOOD! 

After our second meal, we decided we just couldn't leave Paris without walking down Champs Eleeyse again. You'd think we would have been sick of that place by then, but for some reason the hustle and bustle, bright lights, and many fun shops kept drawing us back all week. By the time we were done there, the hubs and I were so exhausted and headed back to the hotel to pack Lord of the Rings (don't laugh). 

Day 9 We actually got up and out the door on time (which our family and close friends know is nearly impossible for us to accomplish) and started the journey home. Metro, train, airport. Nothing to exciting at all happened on our trek home EXCEPT that I bought the COOLEST thing in the airport... A giant mentos can! I was really hoping that it had giant mentos in it, when really it just had six packs of regular sized mentos inside. The hubs thought it was pretty funny that I seriously was looking forward to eating these fist-sized mentos (seriously though, how cool would that have been!?), but I loved it nonetheless. I really should have snapped a picture of it with my phone when I got home. So cool. However, like I mentioned before, the rest of the trip was uneventful. We had an AMAZING time in France, and were SO thankful to my parents for letting us use their miles and to the Keslers for donating a whole lot to our trip fund. We have the best families!

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