Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Updates!

I've been so focused on finishing our honeymoon entries that I haven't really been good about little updates on what we're doing these last two weeks or so. So here we go with a few things we've been up to this last little bit! 

Not too long ago, I realized I had completely forgotten the birthday of one of my very best friends, Jenessa Choate. To paint a picture of just how badly I messed up, her birthday was back in NOVEMBER and I just barely realized my mistake. Being the wonderful person that she is, Ness never mentioned anything about it and informed me she knew I was busy with wedding planning and Thanksgiving at the time. As kind as that was of her, I really screwed up. Big time. Ness has always gone full out for my birthdays...I really just don't deserve her. So really, the least I could do was bake her a 3 month late birthday cake. Surprise! 

She's a bit older than 9...but that's all I had

Last week I was feeling really sick for a few days and boy oh boy is being sick when your married SO MUCH BETTER compared to being sick as a single person. The hubs was constantly asking what he could do for me and he came home in between classes to check up on me. I am one lucky girl. He read to me, cooked for me, and basically was at my beckoning call. To be totally honest, he is always that awesome, I just really was aware/reminded of this while sick.

The hubs had gone out to get me a powerade when I got this picture text:

We'd  been talking about how cute and furry little chinchillas are, and so Daniel ran into Petsmart to snag a picture of one. He's so dang thoughtful. 

When the hubs came home, he could tell I was a little stir-crazy from being inside all day. So to brighten up my day, he decided to do a little face art on me...

Yes, you're seeing correctly, he wrote 'poop' on my face as well as drew a sick mustache. I've decided to stay away from that look.

We keep getting wedding checks here and there and instead of storing this particular one into our savings, we decided to have a fancy date night and go out to eat at this place called Malawi's Pizza. It was so fun to actually go out and have a nice dinner, but we were pretty disappointed with the food. I've heard good things about this place but we came to find they were pretty overpriced and not very good (I would have been more satisfied with a little ceasar's pizza...) BUT we found comfort in the fact that with each meal bought at this place, the restaurant donated a meal to a child in Malawi (located in Africa)! Honestly though, it was just  nice to get out of the apartment!

This last weekend was SO NICE!!! The weather was absolutely perfect. So of course, we just had to spend it outside. We went with Laura and Eric (some of our old roommates) to the bottom of the canyon, hitchhiked up to the top with some fellow longboarders, and glided down the smooth canyon trail. The hubs, of course, longboarded down while the rest of us rollerbladed. It was absolutely fantastic. We're so excited for summer!!!

Our last update is a bit of a sad one... Our cute nephew, Price, had quite the trip to the hospital last week and gave everyone quite the scare. We have all been praying for Daniel's sister's family and are so grateful that, at least for the time being, Price is at home and seeming to be a bit better. This last week and a half or so, we have been so impressed with Denise and Christian's strength and positive attitudes during this really difficult time for their family. Our prayers are with you guys!


  1. So fun to hear what you awesome peeps are up to!!!

  2. thakns for the cute little updates kait!!! love your blog. sorry about price!! what happened???