Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paris Honeymoon Day 6!

Day Six: We slept in pretty late (I know, wasting precious Paris hours) and then went to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis. If you read my last post, you know that I absolutely LOVED Notre Dame. As much as I loved that place, I think the hubs and I eventually decided this cathedral might have been even more gorgeous...if that's possible. Get ready for picture overload!

Personally, I think the building looks a bit lopsided. That's just me though...

This place had a ton of stained glass windows- so beautiful!

The French love including things like this that tell a story. I'm sure what ever this is has a cool story haha

Saint Denis had TONS of these things. Lots and lots of dead kings,  queens, and other important people. 

I loved how they lit up the end of the cathedral with blue lights. Super cool effect!

We weren't really sure what this was, but it looked cool!

There were also a lot of little altars I'm assuming were to different saints. 

These were obviously important people who got special burial privileges. I like to think our kids will think enough of us when we die to build us a huge thing like this. Maybe we'll make it a part of our will ;) 

How beautiful is THAT?

At the feet of more important people.

The outside was VERY least that's what Daniel kept saying.

Cute man at Saint Denis!

I don't know why I don't have any pictures of this, but the hubs and I decided to buy tickets to go down into the tomb which had....drum roll....more deceased important people! It was really cool, but I think I might have been on tomb picture-taking overload by this point.

Then we started to get hungry and so we walked through the Christmas village of Champs Eleeyse and had a healthy meal of churros (SO GOOD!!!) and powerade. Do you get the feeling we liked this place? This was our...third visit there? It was cool. I promise.

We wandered around a bit after walking down Champs Eleeyse and found the SUPER RITZY Champs Eleeyse with shops like Dior, Hermes, Chanel, Ralf Lauren, you get the picture. I was in hog heaven looking at all these beautiful stores while my cute hubs eagerly looked around for something more interesting than overpriced clothing stores. I can't blame him. We both felt unworthy to walk into any of the stores, and apparently I was too star struck to take more than one picture. Curse myself.

I will shop here one day. Mark my words!

While walking around this incredibly high-end street, we happened upon this BREATHTAKING building, which we later identified as the Madeline Cathedral. Seriously though, we're walking down this street looking at shops and look to the left to see, out of nowhere, this massive building with huge columns. This ended up being one of our favorite places not just because of how beautiful and breathtaking it was, but also because we just found it completely by chance. It was a cool adventure we weren't expecting :)

Random side note- we probably could have died crossing this street. People always say how crazy drivers in Provo are, they've got nothin on Parisians.

This should give you an idea of how MASSIVE this place was


Don't ask about this pose- I have no idea what I was thinking. 

You can't tell from the crappy lighting in this picture, but inside these domes were gorgeous paintings. 

Cool doors

The view when we came out of the cathedral

For the rest of the night, we basically just walked ALL OVER Paris. It was fun to walk around without a destination and we got to see a bunch of cool things we wouldn't have seen otherwise. We walked around SO much this night that by the time we got back to the hotel, we were just so exhausted.

Crappy picture but they lit up the Eiffel Tower every night with these beautiful lights!

Can you tell that I'm freezing? It was pretty cold this night, especially when rained on by the fountain ;)

I wanted to ride on this ferris wheel SO BADLY, but the line looked like it would have taken forever so we decided against it

That lit up building with the flag on top was an amusement park. I can't tell you how much I love this place- even their theme parks have beautiful architecture! 

We almost had a fatal accident.

 And that was the end of day 6! Success at its finest. 

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