Sunday, February 19, 2012

For 'Tian

Our cute nephew, Tian, asked if Daniel has ever eaten any bugs. We decided the answer would best come in a picture...

Daniel ate these lovely maggots while on his mission in the Congo. Apparently they were pretty tasty. Bon appetite!


  1. Lol, Christian did dig that picture off of Facebook for 'Tian to see. All of the kids were very impressed.

    Ever since 'Tian found out that some people eat bugs, he has been doing a survey of everyone he knows to find out if they have eaten them before. I told him Daniel had--since I remember him eating them when we were kids! And then I remembered him writing to me about this while on his mission.

    FYI: Christian and my mom have also eaten bugs. Silk worm larvae and ants, respectively. Neither were fans.

    Did Daniel enjoy them?

  2. He is so stinkin cute! I guess these lovely maggots let out this natural oil when cooked thus cooking themselves (suckas!), and apparently they tasted kind of like almonds or something. That wouldn't be convincing enough for me to try them but I guess when you're in Africa anything goes ;)