Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sister Time!

We were lucky enough to get my younger sister, Haley, for the weekend! It was so much fun to just have some good old sister time with her. I was mostly excited for her to spend some serious time with us because my family doesn't know the hubs nearly as well as I want them to due to them living in CA and us having a pre-marriage relationship that was a bit on the short side ;). Anyway, turns out they loved teaming up on me and are now the best of friends!...Seriously though, there were at least two instances where I got tickle attacked by this team until I was blue in the face. I didn't mind, though, I saw teaming up on me as a good sign :)

So tender 

Doesn't she have the most gorgeous hair in the whole world?!

We decided to take Haley to J Dawgs as she had never before tasted the glory of their hot dogs. We also ended up going to Costa Vida TWICE since it's her favorite and Haley will be going on a gluten-free diet next week (I would never wish that upon anyone), though I really can't say I minded. good food, and we had a lot of it this weekend. We also had the privilege of going to a movie with my awesome Aunt Deb (thanks again!!!) and saw 'Man on a Ledge.' Pretty good movie. Other than that, we pretty much farted around the apartment, played mariokart and bananagrams, and watched movies. Haley got a firsthand glance at how boring Daniel and I truly are ;) Hopefully she still had fun. We sure loved having her!

Love you, Haybay!

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  1. um you and your sister BOTH have gorgeous hair! Im so jealous! ps, ill be texting you about when we can set up a time to do your hairs.:)