Thursday, February 16, 2012

V-Day Excitement

The hubs and I were so lucky to have not one, but TWO whole days of valentine this year! Dan has his EMT class till 9-9:30 or so on Tuesday/Thursdays so he decided to whip out his valentine magic when I got home from work on Monday. I was actually pretty tired after work (and maybe even a bit grumpy :/) when I noticed this beautiful flower sitting on our table that he had made. Yes ladies, you hear right! My husband MADE me my valentine flower. He never ceases to do things that remind me how lucky I am.

Yep, he even colored it. Cute, right? So then Dan takes me to Brick Oven for my favorite food in the world, which was pretty exciting since we try not to eat out. And it was nice because the restaurant wasn't crowded at all, leading me to believe that maybe we should do a pre-valentine's day every year ;) *I failed my picture-needy self that night by not taking a photo of us at dinner. Sorry...

We got home and the hubs had even more up his sleeve! A home-made massage spa? Yeah ok, I'll take that. Much appreciated. I'd planned to do all my stuff the next day, but I couldn't resist at least bringing out a little something I'd gotten. And let me tell you- I was not disappointed with this reaction...

Excited for the great unveiling...

Success! He'd been wanting the movie, Warrior, for a while now.

This boy was VERY happy ;)

The next night the hubs came home from his EMT class to a (in theory) nice dinner I had made complete with none other than cold duck! For all of you out there who are thinking, "I've never had duck, but cold duck doesn't sound so great," cold duck is kind of sugar-free martinelli's type of drink that Dan grew up on. I was totally clueless this last new year's eve when his family asked if I'd ever had it, but turns out it's not too bad! 

Don't be deceived, contrary to Dan's kind words, this was not my best meal 

This picture is mostly to show that I made A PIE all by myself!!!!! Daniel loves peach pie, so I actually made one! Surprisingly, it actually wasn't too awful. Success!

Not the best quality, but it shows off the 'mood lighting' ;)

I would just like to point out really quickly that the hubs is such a trooper. He got to know a bit of an obsessive picture-taking side of me in Paris (I promise to do a honeymoon post soon- SO many great photos/stories!), and now knows to whip out a camera when anything memory-worthy happens. He's also come to accept that he and I have very different ideas as to what constitutes as memory-worthy. I'm one lucky girl :)

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  1. Love it. Hurray for Vday and for cute husbands and photo-obsessed wives.