Friday, February 12, 2016

Do You Want To Build A Snowmaaan?

This has been one doozy of a winter (the girls got RSV and we survived a near 3 week quarantine!), but Girlfriend hasn't minded one bit! She got pink snow boots for Christmas and breaks them out every chance she gets. A while back we got quite a bit of snow and decided to have a snow day in the backyard! 

Anxiously waiting for Dad to get his gloves on.

They made a good team.

Love this handsome guy!

Somehow the snowman took on the face of an alien for a while...

Oh my WORD I love this beautiful girl to pieces!

Attaching the hanger stick arms

Perfecting the alien face

She was too enamored with the snowman to even look at me.

She just had so much love for that guy!

When she realized we didn't use an actual carrot for the nose.

This little sweetie tested out her cute snowsuit with us!

Sure love this sweet family of mine!...and we love having our very own backyard ;)

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