Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cabin Time

This last weekend we snuck up for a last-minute getaway trip with some friends. It was perfectly relaxing for the adults, and fun-filled for the kids. Obviously I only took pictures of our cute kids because...who cares what the rest of us were doing! 

We mommas wanted to get some best buddy pictures of the kiddos and let's just say the kids had other plans in mind. We had a few poses we were hoping to get and I don't think we got a single one! Although what we did end up with was pretty stinking adorable. 

Just picture Ella on the other side of Bennett...

At this point we thought since Emma and Bennett were cooperating, we would try and get a cheesy kissing photo. What we ended up with were pictures with more passion than Daniel and my engagement pictures! 

She's always been a go getter ;)

I'll just set this aside for their future wedding slideshow....

Ella felt left out and needed some kissy pictures, too! 

But soon decided she'd rather be kissing Bennett and tried to choke Claire out of the way ;)

Then we started some glamor shots of big B.

Handsome boy!

And Emma decided she needed some exclusive time as well. 

The closest we got to a picture of them holding hands and walking.

It was honestly a full-time job just keeping them all within 10 feet of each other. Here is a bit of the corralling process ;)

Just a few more of this cutie:

Ella knows she always has Emma's shoulder to lean on. BEST FRANDS FOR LYFE!

Aaaannd that concludes the end of the photoshoot. Ella's face pretty much sums up how they all felt at the end. Love that Em has such great little buds in her life!....and us, too ;)

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  1. Hahahaha that choking picture! That basically sums up me and Ella's dynamic at this point in time. The rest of these are SO cute! Seriously if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have any decent pictures of Ella. And the scenery.....gah!