Friday, July 31, 2015

Albion Basin

This last week we took a little trip to a place called Albion Basin. I've seen a bunch of pictures from local photographers doing shoots up there and knew we had to make the trip. It was a good hour and a half drive, but holy cow it was SO BEAUTIFUL. Like Sound of Music beautiful. Naturally, I had to take some photos of my favorite little model, no matter how much she hated it ;) I may be a bit biased, but I think she's the most beautiful little girl in this whole flipping world. 

Of course I had to snap a few photos of this sweet/gorgeous/kind sister of mine. Really though, how stunning is she?

At this point the little lady was getting a little tired of getting her photos taken, and wasn't afraid to let that show. I love how sassy she is!

Lately (ok the past 6 months or so) I've been steering clear of being in pictures. For some reason, the hot swollen months of summer have made me feel a I don't want to have any photos to remember this time. Ever. However, being able to grow this sweet girl is worth all the swelling and discomfort in the world and that I do want to remember. I also want to remember this time with the little lady. Man oh man the last few weeks I've really been feeling the realness of the fact that pretty soon it's not going to just be the two of us during the day. It's definitely exciting but also sad that an era is ending. I know when baby comes we won't be able to recall a time without her, but for now I'm soaking in all my time with this little sweetie of mine. 

36 1/2 weeks

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