Saturday, August 2, 2014


Gosh dangit. I had such wonderful plans to have this long post for this week and...what do you know! Saturday rolls around and here I am racing to get a quick post out in time for Haley to see before she checks her email. I vow to have a solid post next week, with at least ten pictures and at least two funny stories. But for now, two little pictures will have to do. 

A BYU fan already!

This child of ours is turning into a serious climber. It's terrifying. She actually has constant bruises all over her body from falling off of things all the time (that and banging her head against hard objects when we do something she doesn't agree with). The other day Daniel was watching Emma and all of a sudden noticed it was just too quiet. Anyone with kids knows this is never a good sign. Then he heard some whining and decided to check on the babes. Low and behold this is what he found.

Yep, all by herself. Might I add as well that before she decided to climb to the top of her changing table, Emma took the opportunity to make that whirlwind of a mess you see there. Needless to say, we've since baby-proofed her drawers and hopefully won't be happening again anytime soon. 

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