Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Photos 2014

 You know how I tend to include WAY too many pictures in my posts? Welp, this one is no exception. We recently got the opportunity to have our pictures done by my beautiful, kind, and talented friend, Amber from Amber Lynn Photography. You better believe I jumped at the chance to have our family photographed by her because holy cow this woman is AMAZING! I'm not even joking when I say I shed a few tears when I first looked at these pictures. She just captured the love and personality in our little family so well and we will honestly treasure these photos forever! Kudos to whoever gets through this post because...I pretty much included every one she shot :)

We are in a serious thumb sucking phase right now and...I love it. 

That sass!

I swear she's going to be famous one day. So ready for the spotlight. 

Forgive me for including a lot of the same shots coming up. I just couldn't not show all of Emma's hilarious faces!

Seriously though, our daughter is the CUTEST!

Proooooobably my favorite picture. These kisses are the BEST!

She doesn't enjoy my kisses as much...

Emma didn't get the smiling memo...


Daniel's walk here is killing me!

Oh how I love this girls of ours!

And oh how I love THIS guy!

By this point Emma had had about enough of this picture taking business. In most of these last pictures her mouth is full of bribery bread. But we just couldn't leave without getting a few shots in front of this gorgeous lake. 

This laugh!

And one more of Daniel and I for good measure :)

Thanks again to Amber Lynn Photography! If you got through this whole post and aren't in love with her style and cray cray!

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