Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Haley Anke Maria

Let me just set the mood for this post. Please imagine me crying. Mixed tears of joy and sadness, but lets be honest, mostly tears of sadness joy. This girl right here is leaving for her mission soon. I can't even convey how much I love Hales and boy oh boy am I going to miss her. I am lucky enough to be the bestest of friends with my two sisters, and so not being able to speak/see one of my best friends for a year and a half just might kill me. If you know Haley, you know that she is truly a joy to be around. She has the sweetest spirit I know and is a friend to everyone. Everyone who talks with her leaves feeling good about themselves and people seriously flock around her. She is fun, so funny, and smart. Haley fiercely loves her family and would give an arm and a leg to help her friends. I can only imagine how many lives she is going to touch in Mexico and am so jealous they get to have her for 18 months (curse you, Mexico!). Man I love this girl and am going to miss her with all my heart. Love you, Hales!

Yep, that is my sister. HOLY MOLY, right?!?

LOVE this face! Classic Haley ;)

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