Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Halloween Happenings

We had some fun Halloween happenings this October! I was especially excited because we got to do a family costume!!! I took this opportunity very seriously and eventually decided I would be a little old lady, the hubs would be a wolf, and the chubs would be little red riding hood! Ah! Even two months later I'm still excited about it! Anyway I pulled together all of my crafty skills and sewed a hooded cape and made a cute red tu-tu. Oh man. So cute. Anyway I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's first check out this adorable pumpkin hat our friend Claire's mom made!

Our little pumpkin baby looks so fat!!!

Our good friends the Howell's had a super fun Halloween party and were so kind to invite us. I was so excited to have a place to show off our costume since we didn't have a ward Halloween party. WOO!!!

These cuties were pooped!

Bennett checking out his girlfrand!

Little red riding hood and Terri Irwin aka Christine

Blurry but had to show off this cute crocodile!

Some of the other costumes

If you look closely you can see that Daniel even put make-up on his feet!

Thanks again to the Howells for a fun night! On to actual Halloween. We headed up to North Ogden to hang with the family and...go trick or treating! I found the most darling little basket to complete Emma's costume. Oh man I was dying. I know she is too young to understand and enjoy trick or treating, but the hubs and I sure had a blast. We had the chubs hold our her little basket for candy every time and it was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

So fun trick or treating with this cute monkey!

Thank goodness for public transportation

Please excuse my crazy lady look going on here. I was really excited for that candy.

Look at this cute little (ish) pumpkin!!! This chunky boy is the cutest!

We also had several pumpkin carving parties and other festive things that I don't have pictures of but we had a very fun and full Halloween season!

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