Sunday, November 10, 2013

Maddy Patty Puddin Pie

I got to spend the last week in CA with my family! We had a super awesome time but that will get it's own post later. This post is dedicated to my incredibly gorgeous little sister. You might not believe this by looking at the pictures below, but Madison is only 16. And she is to die for beautiful. My mom and I convinced her to let us practice our photography skills on her and she turned out to be a fabulous model. So here are a TON of pictures of the beautiful Madison that I took. I'm experimenting with different editing styles so they don't necessarily match. Don't judge. Just enjoy. Or try to enjoy. 

The light was getting pretty horrible so I tried using a flash which obviously didn't turn out so great. But Madison just looks SO beautiful I tried my best to salvage it.

The light really was horrible at this point

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