Friday, March 15, 2013

First Anniversary!

I'm finally getting to posting our first anniversary happenings! I had mixed feelings about this big milestone... half of me felt like I couldn't believe how wonderful and fast our first year of marriage went, it honestly just flew by. And then then other half of me felt like we had been married more like ten years rather than just one (in a good way). We spent the day before our anniversary in SLC and went to dinner at Rodizios. Um, yum. This place is a meat-lover's dream. I was worried that it would make me sick, because during the thick of my pregnancy sickness meat made me want to gag even just looking at it. Fortunately, by the time this date rolled around I had just barely gotten out of my sick stage and could eat all the meat I wanted! YUM! We spent the night up in SLC in this cute little bed and breakfast and then went to the Temple the next day. It was SUCH a great trip and so cool to spend our anniversary in such a beautiful and sacred place.

Rodizio's. The Brazilian Lemonade is better at Tucano's but it was still so yummy!

Our cute room. Daniel was a little camera-shy ;)


It has kind of turned into an unofficial tradition for daniel to make me some origami creations on big events and I totally love it. Glow sticks are also commonly involved. The Hubs made this great scavenger hunt for one of our dates before we were engaged and at the end was this bouquet of origami flowers he had painstakingly spent many hours making with glow sticks as the stems. Super cute, right? For our anniversary I was shunned to our room for a while while he set up this little contraption below. When I came out of the room, all the lights were off and we slurped on root-beet floats in the glowstick light. Very romantic. 

All in all, we had a fantastic anniversary. I sure do love Daniel and can't wait for MANY more anniversaries to come! 

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